Manage Your Transportation Portfolio with Network Scale.

Leaf is building an industry-wide transportation network that connects all market participants. When shippers, carriers, brokers, and other partners coordinate across the Leaf platform, numerous opportunities for more reliable and cost effective planning and procurement become available.

Harness the power of the Leaf network & platform.

Unlock hidden transportation capacity with more efficient planning capabilities. Elevate  standards of service to your customers while saving 10% and up on full truckload transportation spend.

Achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Reduce your carbon footprint through fewer empty miles. Leaf directly measures and reports your company’s reduced CO2 emissions realized through our network efficiency. 

Introducing Leaf Adapt.

Get a forward-looking view of your capacity requirements with actionable recommendations that you can implement to meet your anticipated needs, and capture cost savings through network efficiency.

Leaf Adapt technology continuously evaluates shifting market conditions alongside your transportation network data to determine your up-to-date capacity needs.

Leaf works with your existing team and tools to provide actionable recommendations throughout the year to proactively manage your changing truckload requirements. 

We evaluate your transportation data and uncover opportunities to maintain or increase service to your most critical customers.

A New Approach to Transportation Contracting.

Get guaranteed coverage and committed rates with Leaf Flex contracts. Secure capacity that can scale up and down to meet your changing requirements.

When capacity suddenly tightens, rest assured with 100% guaranteed tender acceptance.

When your RFP turns to unenforceable paper rates, Leaf Flex offers an alternative, with committed rates that won’t change.

Flex contracted loads can be coordinated across the Leaf network into round-trips and continuous moves, uncovering reduced costs through network efficiency.

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