Maximize Your Fleet with Leaf.

Leaf offers carriers a dense network built from a unique understanding of how shipper demand will flow over time to deliver unprecedented transparency.

Access favorable freight.

Gain access to high quality freight, organized into efficient plans and routes like circuits and continuous moves to increase your utilization.

Get business predictability.

Secure guaranteed contracts and favorable rates that allow you to plan with predictability and grow your revenues.

Increase driver satisfaction.

Make the most of your drivers’ hours of service by increasing their total loaded time with repeatable schedules for weeks or months at a time.

Guaranteed Contracts with Leaf Flex.

Build a predictable business like never before.

Lock in a schedule of loads for a period of weeks or months. With loads arranged ahead of time, you can focus on increasing driver satisfaction and building a more profitable business.

Navigate future market uncertainty.

Ease planning uncertainty with Leaf’s Flex contracts, which give you committed freight for weeks or months at a time.

Keep Your Drivers Happy.

  • Set repeatable moves that fill schedule gaps and increase revenue through fewer empty miles.

  • Drivers get a regular schedule that meets their work-life balance requirements.

  • Guaranteed rates, paid as fast as needed.

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