Improving Logistics, Together.

We believe in trust, transparency, and ownership. We treat each other with respect and prioritize diversity in all its forms. The problems we’re working to solve in the logistics industry are mighty and require smart, ambitious people.





Feel Supported to Do Your Best Work.


We provide equity options to all employees, which helps ensure that everyone feels a part of the broader vision and has a sense of ownership within the company.

Remote Work

We are and will remain a fully remote company. Leaf employees are trusted to do their best work on their own terms. We offer a stipend for employees to purchase their at-home work necessities.


We value continuous learning and development, which is why we offer reimbursements for job-related courses, training, and certification exams.

Health & Wellness

Keeping our employees healthy in all areas of life is our top priority. We offer multiple options for medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance at low group rates.

Unlimited PTO

In addition to 16 company-wide U.S. holidays each year, Leaf offers unlimited paid time off for employees so there’s plenty of time to take care of needs outside of work.


We encourage employees to use two business days per year to work with neighboring team members to contribute their time and talents to causes that make a positive difference in their community.

Current Roles.

Our Team

Who You’ll Work With.

You’ll work with a variety of teams and team members from wherever you call home.

Nicole, Execution Team

“I help develop and execute operational strategies that delight and exceed customer expectations to drive Leaf’s vision of a more sustainable and transparent supply chain.”

Tony, Engineering Team

“As a Backend Engineer, I work on development protocols with technology such as Kotlin and Python to build features and provide support for the Leaf platform app, Adapt.”

Beverly, Finance Team

“My team makes the money moves! Our focus is helping Leaf work effectively and efficiently with our customers and vendors, so all have a pleasant experience.”

Margie, Operations and Accounts Team

“I oversee teams that help onboard new customers and ensure success from onboarding through execution, and ensure operations run smoothly.”

Leah, Customer Success Team

“I serve as the interface between shippers and the broader Leaf team, ensuring customers are meeting KPIs with respect to planning, scheduling, and coordinating freight.”

Nate, Innovations Team

“We bridge the gap between idea and finished product. When successful, our experiments are adopted into software, tools, and processes used by other teams.”


What to Expect.

We’re a trusting, transparent, and collaborative team. We welcome everyone to contribute, empower each other, and foster an environment where the best ideas and execution win.

While the majority of employees live in the United States, our employees span from Guam to Mexico to Romania! As such, we’ve put the tools in place to allow for asynchronous work. We take two company-wide trips a year and have a physical office in the Financial District of New York City (and soon Chicago!) The space is used for in-person onboarding, quarterly team meetings, customer meetings, etc.

We are a team of experienced, smart, and mildly disagreeable troublemakers who like taking on big challenges. We know how to build things, we know what’s broken in the freight industry, and we’re looking for bright, ambitious people to help us drag the transportation world kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

A few of the top skill-sets we look for include: creativity, grit, flexibility, determination, and data orientation.

At Leaf we prioritize diversity and inclusion in all its forms — we empower every member of our team to be themself, bring their best ideas forward, and leverage their unique talents to solve big problems. We’ve embedded clear and measurable DEI goals and policies into our operating principles, workplace culture, business and recruiting strategy.

In fact, the Journal of Commerce acknowledged Leaf’s focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with an award at their annual TPM conference. There is still a lot of work to be done to further DEI initiatives in the transportation industry, and it’s important that all of us work together to prioritize and celebrate diversity of thought and background.

In your first week, you’ll set-up your paperwork and get up-to-speed on your tools. You’ll have the chance to meet with team members in either 1-on-1 meetings or small group “coffee chats” of varying lengths. We host an in-person onboarding session within each employee’s first 4-weeks, during which you will learn in-depth about each team, and meet other employees in person! 

You will have access to previously recorded meetings, reference material, readings, a word bank, and any other materials you may need. Outside of personal and private employee information, everything is at your disposal.

Our main goal is for you to learn about Leaf, the business, where we currently are, where we’re headed, and everyone’s important role in the company. You’ll start to deep dive into the current state of your own plus your team’s responsibilities.

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