Amplify Your Network With Leaf.

Accelerate your evolution to a next generation brokerage by tapping into the Leaf multi-party transportation network.

Introduce predictability into your business.

Leaf technology identifies preferred network moves that you can lock in with guaranteed contracts and rates for weeks and months at a time.

Build density in your own freight network.

Gain access to high quality freight, and match it to your most preferred carriers, to reward your customer and provider partners as you build your business.

Get Business Predictability With Guaranteed Rates.

Extend your freight contracting capabilities with Leaf Flex committed contracts, allowing your carriers to contract with shippers for weeks or months at a time and navigate future market uncertainty. 

Flex contracts are guaranteed, so you can set preferred schedules with your carriers at a favorable, locked-in rate that brings certainty to your business. Adding Leaf Flex contracting capabilities will make you a next generation broker that stands out to shippers and carriers looking for a way to add predictability to their budgets.

Where Network Density Meets Efficiency Opportunities.

Leaf technology analyzes network data to uncover opportunities to build efficiencies across multiple shippers and carriers.  Reduce empty miles, fill gaps in your carriers’ schedules, and enjoy access to predictable capacity you can use to grow your business.

And because the Leaf network reaches across the industry, you now gain access to more desirable freight like power-only, circuits, continuous moves, & more.

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