Logistics Exchange is now Leaf

Published February 13, 2019

Two years ago, we started on an ambitious adventure: to build a digital platform to connect shippers, brokers, and carriers, enabling them to do business on a fair playing field. Now, we’re onto something big: reinventing how B2B shipping works.

We’re excited to announce the next stage of this journey: Leaf. This is a new name that embodies our vision for the future. Let’s look at what that future holds.

First and foremost, know that while we may have changed our name, what won’t change is the leading-edge analytics and unrivaled customer service you have come to expect from Logistics Exchange. We’ll continue giving our customers all that and more.

Leaf and its platform represent greater transparency and reliability across the supply-chain. We equip an ever-growing business model with greater, greener efficiencies, empowering all parties to depend on more predictable service and costs.

Our new logo and visual identity is intended to inspire trust at every level of the freight process. Leaf provides peace of mind, financial predictability, and competitive advantage — all enabled by cutting edge technology and analytics. If it’s powered by Leaf, you can be confident it works.

This is just the beginning. We invite you to sign up for ongoing updates on our new website, and to spread the word about Leaf. Now more than ever, we’re committed to stable, honest, and reliable transportation — strengthening our industry for a better, digital tomorrow.

Thank you for branching out with us.

Anshu Prasad

CEO, Leaf