Leaf Named a Gartner “Mover & Shaker” for Transforming Logistics

Published May 22, 2023

Leaf was named a “Mover & Shaker” by Gartner at the recent Supply Chain Symposium. Gartner VP Analyst David Gonzalez presented a short list of “Movers, Shakers and Future Rainmakers: The How and Who of Companies Transforming Logistics”. Those highlighted in the presentation were recognized for pioneering new technologies and practices within the logistics industry. 

Leaf was featured for our use of AI to analyze transportation contracting practices and provide actionable insights for shippers to coordinate across the industry and implement long-term contracting. This recognition underscores Leaf’s commitment to helping shippers, carriers, and brokers better navigate market uncertainty and gain business reliability, while eliminating waste in the transportation industry. 

Today, 30% of trucks drive empty due to a lack of coordination, presenting an enormous opportunity to improve efficiency and reliability. On top of this the transportation market continues to see increased volatility that makes it difficult to plan ahead with certainty. Leaf was purpose built from day one to address these concerns with Adapt, which uses an AI-based approach to transportation data analytics. 

We’re using Adapt to coordinate multi-shipper moves that eliminate empty miles at scale, and to introduce a portfolio approach to contracting that gives our customers transportation stability. Our long-term Flex contracts allow shippers, carriers, and brokers to see beyond the typical 24-48 hour contracting window. By contracting over a longer time horizon, our customers gain 98% on-time performance while securing up to 20% cost savings through eliminated empty miles.

Our next step in addressing market volatility and empty miles is our Flex Fleets offering. We introduced Flex Fleets earlier this year as the first multi-shipper flexible dedicated fleets. These offer the same high level of service as traditionally owned or leased dedicated fleets, with the agility to adapt to market demand.  

At Leaf, we’re working to build the future of transportation and solve freight’s coordination problem. We are optimistic about the future of our industry, and being named a “Mover & Shaker” is confirmation we’re on the right path together with our customers.


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