Being Proactive in Uncertainty: Fortify Your Supply Chain

Published December 15, 2021

Shippers know that their supply chains are only as good as their weakest links, and today’s environment has revealed more vulnerabilities that leave shippers without many options. So, how can you prepare for uncertainty when new supply chain vulnerabilities may be exposed? Taking a proactive approach to planning for uncertainty is the key to success. 

Listen to the SupplyPile & Leaf Logistics conversation: Being Proactive in Uncertainty

We recently sat down with software provider SupplyPike to discuss the ways that shippers can prepare their businesses to withstand the volatility of the transportation industry. Hear from SupplyPike experts about how retailers can understand their data to make actionable business decisions as they navigate today’s supply chain. Leaf Logistics offers additional insights about what it means to build a resilient transportation plan and how that benefits shippers like you. 

Watch the recorded Being Proactive in Uncertainty conversation here.


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