Plan, Schedule, and Move Freight.

Reduce empty miles, secure stable rates, and delight customers with on-time delivery. All from Leaf’s freight coordination platform for shippers, carriers, and brokers.

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Leaf’s platform allows shippers, carriers, and brokers to work together with trust. Everyone wins when freight is scheduled months in advance with contracts that reduce rate and service uncertainty.


Deliver more reliably, access lower rates, and reduce Scope 3 emissions.


Maximize asset usage and driver income with consistently scheduled freight.


Reward core carriers with reliable freight that gets drivers home each night.

About Us

Industry-Wide Coordination.

The freight industry is built to schedule and ship one load at a time. This lack of coordination between loads results in a large amount of waste.

Based on our work, we see that more than 90% of freight can be scheduled months in advance, significantly improving the amount of scheduling opportunities and dramatically reducing industry waste.


Eliminating Empty Miles.

More than 30% of trucks on the road drive empty. Leaf solves this problem by coordinating multi-shipper circuits to optimize for the fewest empty miles and minimize the associated CO2 emissions.

Leaf schedules and guarantees these circuits months ahead of time, making the empty mile elimination permanent when the freight moves with Leaf.

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