Dynamic Contracting to guarantee service and cost reliability.

Confidently secure future transportation capacity, rates, and service with Leaf's Flex Dedicated contracts.

Guarantee capacity and rates.

Lock in future rates and capacity through our digital, binding Leaf Flex Dedicated contracts. Don't worry about market fluctuations and protect your margins.

Provide reliable service.

Deliver unprecedented service levels and smooth your logistics operations. The Leaf Flex Dedicated contract and Leaf's service team ensure shipments arrive as planned.

Make data-driven decisions.

Stop guessing future market developments based on lagging indicators. Improve risk management and budget reliability based on insights into future rates and capacity movements.


One platform to manage everything.

Leaf's freight contracting platform is an end-to-end solution for entering and executing Leaf Flex Dedicated contracts. Manage the entire process from placing orders to reconciling invoices in one place, reducing administrative workload and freeing up time to spend on what matters most.
one platform to manage everything

Smart analytics, out of the box.

Leaf's smart analytics engine provides insights into future rate and capacity developments. It automatically proposes the best-fit opportunities based on your own network as well as market trends, thus allowing you to make better contracting decisions.
smart analytics out of box

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