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We are proud to announce that Leaf Logistics has been named

a Gartner Cool Vendor in the September 2020 Cool Vendors in

Supply Chain Execution Technologies report.

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Adaptable Contracting
with Network Scale.

Confidently buy and sell transportation capacity to meet your changing business needs

Make data-driven decisions.

Manage your transportation with agility using the Leaf platform. Data-driven guidance helps you plan and optimize your transportation procurement through the inevitable changes your business and transport market goes through every year.

Guarantee capacity & rates.

Lock in future rates and capacity with Leaf Flex forward contracts. Operate within your current business constraints, while improving service and protecting margins.

Provide reliable service.

Deliver unprecedented service levels and smooth your logistics operations. Leaf Flex contracts allow you to lock in guaranteed coverage from high quality providers, including incumbents, so you can maintain high service performance.


One platform to manage everything.

Leaf Adapt is an end-to-end solution that provides continuous, actionable guidance for contracting transportation based on changing business needs and market conditions. Plan, manage, and execute Leaf Flex forward contracts using Adapt to guarantee transportation capacity and lock in savings. If needs change, use the Leaf Network to access additional capacity and demand, adjusting plans to meet the new reality.
one platform to manage everything

Smart analytics, out of the box.

Leaf's smart analytics engine provides insights into future rate and capacity developments. It automatically proposes the best-fit opportunities based on your own network as well as market trends, thus allowing you to make better contracting decisions.
smart analytics out of box
Loren Foster
We’ve been working with Leaf since 2018, enhancing service to our customers and increasing predictability for our carrier partners. Using Leaf as a “logic layer”, we plan to further automate transportation decision making, systematically reducing manual effort and eliminating empty miles across our network as we work towards our goal of a carbon-neutral supply chain.
Loren Foster
Senior Director of OTR and Dedicated Transportation at AB Inbev

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