Full Stack Engineer (Java, React)

We are Leaf.

Leaf is on a mission to upend the way companies buy and sell transportation. Every year, billions of dollars, hundreds of megatons of carbon and millions of person-hours are wasted because the companies who ship goods and the companies who carry them aren’t upfront about their needs and abilities. Our platform finds ways for buyers and sellers to contract binding commitments for plannable and predictable freight and allows those contracts to be traded when needs change. In time, Leaf will become the hub through which the trillion-dollar American freight market is managed.

We are a team of experienced, smart, and mildly disagreeable troublemakers who like taking on unreasonably big challenges; we know how to build things, we’ve lived what’s broken in this industry, and we’re looking for bright, ambitious people to help us drag the transportation world kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

What does the Full Stack Engineer do?.

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will work closely together with engineers and designers to advance the development of our modern, microservices based platform, and deliver exciting new product features to our customers. You will contribute to the architectural and infrastructural design of our applications, and take on responsibility for guiding junior team members. The role will challenge you to work in a highly agile environment, address strategic and implementational topics, and work on various parts of the application stack, including the core trading services and matching engine


  • Build high-quality, scalable, and resilient applications and (web) services that support LE’s trading and analytics platform
  • Contribute to the architectural and infrastructural design of the platform and its components
  • Translate mock-ups and interpret style guides to create cohesive interfaces with modular code
  • Support design, estimation and planning of tasks using technical and functional expertise
  • Support leadership in establishing, documenting, and enforcing technology standards, best practices and approaches to be leveraged by the engineering team
  • Mentor and support other team members through code reviews and continuous feedback
  • Take initiative to research, troubleshoot and resolve bugs and issues as they arise
  • Be a flexible team player, stepping into a variety of roles, as needed


  • Strong experience in designing and developing modern, distributed, microservices-based applications with RESTful APIs, with particular attention to security, scalability, availability, and performance
  • 4+ years experience in backend development with Java 8, incl. features like Streams, Serialization, Multi-Threading, Annotations
  • 4+ years experience in frontend development using modern JavaScript frameworks like React/Redux, Angular, Knockout, Ember, etc. (preference towards candidates with React experience)
  • Advanced knowledge of Spring/Spring Boot and ORM frameworks like Hibernate, JPA
  • Profound understanding of object oriented programming and design patterns
  • Strong experience in relational database design and development (preferably with PostgreSQL) and understanding of NoSQL databases and in-memory stores (e.g. Redis, DynamoDB, Hadoop)
  • Experience working with event/message based communication platforms such as Kafka, ActiveMQ etc
  • Working proficiency in build and development tools (e.g. Gradle, Jenkins, SonarQube)
  • Experience with test frameworks (e.g. jUnit, Mockito for Java and Jest, Enzyme for React)
  • Preferred: Knowledge in cloud technologies/infrastructure (esp. AWS)
  • Preferred: Prior experience in designing and developing financial systems (e.g. trading, risk, or compliance systems) and/or logistics systems
  • Preferred: Experience with other languages, such as Python
  • Strong analytical, project leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to work both self-directed and collaboratively to deliver results in a fast paced, startup environment
  • Unbelievably positive attitude, sense of humor and/or thick skin
  • Consummate team player, able to wear multiple hats, and assist team members when needed


Leaf offers a very comprehensive compensation package including competitive base salary, variable compensation and health benefits.

Leaf Logistics is an equal-opportunity employer and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. If you’re a passionate team player who wants to have an outsized impact on a diverse and dynamic team, we’d love to hear from you!